How old is Providence?

How old is Providence? is a map of parcels in Providence, stylized by the year of last building construction. All of the data comes from the City’s GIS Portal. This visualization was inspired by Kyril Negoda’s How old is Minneapolis?

Hovering on a parcel reveals the year, and clicking on it will open the relevant entry in Vision.

Providence Parking Inventory

The Downtown Providence Parking site is an exhaustive inventory of parking in Downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

The goal of the project is to produce visuals and statistics showing that far too much space is devoted to parking in the city’s core and that changes need to be made.

I collected most of the data myself, added it to OpenStreetMap for anyone to use, and built this overview from that data.

GBFS Viewer

GBFS Viewer is a very simple tool that uses GBFS feeds to provide a realtime map of multiple scooter- and bike-share systems. The tool is adaptable to any City and feed provider (as long as their GBFS follows the official specification), but this instance has been created for operators in Providence, RI.

The tool also counts vehicles per geographic zone specified for regulatory distribution requirements.